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New Listing Alert! Where luxury meets artistry: A home with a stunning art studio and gallery.

43 Churchill Rd, Santa Fe

3BED/ 3BATH/ 4,348 SQFT





This custom residence sits on a 2.5-acre parcel of land, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an attached oversized two-car garage. This property offers a truly exceptional opportunity to own a stunning home paired with a separate 1,900-square-foot professional art studio. Notably, the art studio was constructed by the renowned artist, Louis Escobedo ( The art studio features a gallery space with its own private entrance, a half-bathroom, and a storage room that could be transformed into an additional bedroom to suit your preferences. The generously proportioned work area wit

hin the studio is flooded with natural light, providing an inspiring environment for creativity. The 2,424-square-foot custom home features 15-foot vaulted wood ceilings and an open floor plan that lends an air of spaciousness and elegance. Each of the bedrooms connects to a generous patio, ideal for hosting gatherings with family and friends or simply unwinding in a serene setting. The primary bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with dual sinks and a fully enclosed glass shower area. The main house's kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances for your daily use, including a convenient winery chiller to keep your beverages refreshingly cold for special occasions. This house has a laundry room furnished with washer & dryer, and ample cabinets for storages. The 2.5-acre lot showcases native landscaping and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This property represents the perfect fusion of artistic inspiration and opulent living, making it a truly unique and captivating opportunity.

Richard's neighborhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a charming and vibrant community that embodies the unique cultural and artistic character of the city. Santa Fe is renowned for its rich history, distinctive architecture, and vibrant arts scene, and Richard's neighborhood is no exception. Here's an overview of what you can expect in this area:

  1. Cultural Diversity: Santa Fe is known for its diverse population, and Richard's neighborhood reflects this cultural richness. You'll find a mix of residents from different backgrounds, contributing to a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

  2. Artistic Hub: Santa Fe is famous for its thriving art community, and Richard's neighborhood is no different. You'll likely encounter local artists, galleries, and studios showcasing a wide range of artistic styles, from traditional Southwestern to contemporary and e


  1. Historic Charm: The neighborhood is likely to feature traditional adobe-style architecture, which is characteristic of Santa Fe. These buildings give the area a unique and picturesque charm, and many have been well-preserved to maintain the city's historic character.

  2. Local Cuisine: Santa Fe is a culinary hotspot, and you can expect to find a variety of restaurants and cafes offering Southwestern and New Mexican cuisine. From green chile enchiladas to traditional tamales, there's no shortage of delicious dishes to savor.

  3. Outdoor Recreation: Santa Fe's natural surroundings provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Richard's neighborhood may be close to parks, hiking trails,

and scenic areas where you can enjoy the region's beautiful landscapes.

  1. Festivals and Events: Santa Fe hosts numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. From the Santa Fe Indian Market to the Santa Fe Opera, there's always something happening that celebrates the city's rich cultural heritage.

  2. Community Spirit: The neighborhood likely has a strong sense of community, with residents who take pride in their area and often come together for local events and initiatives. You may find neighborhood associations or groups dedicated to preserving the area's unique character.

  3. Convenient Amenities: While embracing its cultural and historic charm, Richard's neighborhood is also likely to offer modern conveniences like shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities to cater to residents' everyday needs.

  4. Scenic Beauty: Santa Fe is situated in a picturesque setting with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains serving as a stunning backdrop. The neighborhood may offer scenic views and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

Overall, Richard's neighborhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a captivating blend of cultural richness, artistic vitality, and natural beauty. It's a place where residents and visitors can immerse themselves in the unique and enchanting spirit of Santa Fe.

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