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How We Market Your Property

House For Sale Sign

          The savviest Marketing Plan is one that targets the channels buyers are already using to find homes. From optimized internet exposure to networking with local agents, we'll work diligently to find your buyer as fast and efficiently as possible.

MLS (Multiple-Listing-System)

         A Multiple Listing Service system, also known as the MLS, centralizes listings in various areas. We submit the property into MLS, one that is available in Santa Fe, NM and one in Albuquerque, NM for better exposure of your property.

Professional Photo and Video

         High-quality pictures and videos of your home are what make potential buyers want to come and view your property. Our In-house professional videographer/photographer takes artistic and expressive videos and photos of your property that will be uploaded in many different platforms like MLS, Zillow,, and even in our very own YouTube Channel (Something About Santa Fe TV) and in our Website for greater exposure of your property. 

Open House Event

         Whether or not an open house is where your buyer comes from, they serve a strategic purpose - aggregating interested buyers in a specific geographic area. By showcasing your property with an open house, or simply leveraging the leads generated at another nearby open house, we will create and target a highly qualified, localized group buyers.

Eye-Catching Yard Signs

         Coming-soon, For Sale, Just-sold. You have certainly seen these signs throughout your neighborhood - and their purpose is clear, to create excitement and interest around a listing. While much emphasis is placed online advertisement these days, many buyers still look for their next home the old-fashioned way - by simply driving around their desired neighborhood. Professionally designed signage will market your property 24/7 and capture attention from highly qualified buyers looking specifically in your area.

Captivating Staging

         Staging is what creates a "WOW" Factor when a buyer walks through the door of your property. It leads to an increase  in competition, which drives the property value up and leads to a quicker sale for a higher price. It's what creates an emotional response and can often influence whether or not an offer is made.


         Sales brokers from our company, as well as our cooperating brokers, will want to show your home. An appointment will be made with you in advance with the name and company of the showing broker, and the approximate time they will be showing the property.

Digital Marketing

           We will publish a well-written, quality graphics for your property including announcements for new listings, price improvements and open houses. In addition, your listing will be included in our highly effective and comprehensive website - , and via our very own social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel. 

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