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Significant Price Improvement for Las Soleras property- Lowest Price in the area!

Great News!

4932 Venado Peak in Las Soleras Santa Fe reduced its price from $575,000 before....NOW is $539,000 only! Lowest price within the area. This 2,363 sqft awesome house has 3 bedroom , 3 bathroom and 2 car garage. Click HERE for virtual tour and see yourself how awesome this property is😉

In a number of ways, townhouses are a comfortable middle-ground between condominiums and detached and semi-detached houses. Townhouses are more spacious than high-rise condos, but they don’t carry the same maintenance needs or costs as detached/semi-detached houses. It’s this combination of affordability, convenience, and space that has made — and continues to make — townhouses “an increasingly popular option for would-be buyers.”

Though townhouses offer privacy, that doesn’t mean you’re all alone! Because of the close proximity between townhome units, you and your neighbors are going to be quite close. The amenities of many townhouse communities will offer you a chance to make friends and acquaintances as well. You can use those relationships to ensure that someone is always watching out for your home and kids, especially when you’re unable to (e.g., due to work or a trip). This is vital for seniors who may be in need of immediate help in certain situations.

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